Thursday, May 24, 2012

This is Craig Scott!

August 2012.  Craig on Biglefti's Wing, with sister Lori

Craig's first ride

Lanny rode all the way up to Edmonton to help out where he could and give Craig a ride

Lanny had to smuggle him out of the hospital

Don't know what that is under the Wing..............

Two good guys! 
Craig at the Shoe Tree on Hwy 50.  Since this was taken, a vandal cut the tree down. What a shame! (Craig's photo)

Gas station at Lake Topaz.  Craig had just been stopped for speeding!  Imagine that! (Craig's photo)

At the fist Eureka Springs rally.  That would have been 2001 (Craig's photo)

Didsbury Dave, Smitty, and Craig.  In front of Jim Segelaar's house (Craig's photo)

Another AZ ride. (Craig's photo, but I remember taking it :-)
Sent in by Scotty. Taken in 2002 at Didsbury Dave's house in Alberta, Canada.   The day before a group of VROC'er rode to the Alaskan VROC Rally.
Craig found us in this Phoenix coffee shop.  I remember this was the first time any of us found out his age!  We were quite surprised, thinking he was much younger.

Craig Scott rode down from Edmonton on his new 1000cc V-Strom

I think Craig rode down with Jim Sigelaar, but can't remember for sure.  That may have been a different trip.  Nice bike!  We're here in Scottsdale, Arizona now, for Arizona Bike Week. 
Sent by Jack Foree

Craig back there talking to Tony D.  Sent by Jack Foree

Karl, Craig and Slick. Jack sent this too.

Toa sent this from New Zealand.  The Big Whizz!  This was taken in New Zealand when Craig was there visiting and attending a VROC Rally.  Toa send this link to a blog of Craig's visit.  Some GREAT pictures here:
Topaz 2003, vsp photo.  Barb Foree wrote in 2002
"Captain Scott - The mysterious man who arrives covered in grime after a
long ride. Everyone celebrates when they discover that it is the
captivating Craig from Canada under all that grime.. He is the
trailblazer equipped with the map ball. (Played by Craig Scott)"
  Still looking for my 2002 pics.

Craig and Utemike (4E picture)

Utemike and Craig. (4E picture)
129 pictures here.  Only 2 do not have Craig in them.  Edmondton, Phoeniz, Mexico, Kanab, Kingman, and other places.  I think my first rally with Craig was in 2002 at Lake Topaz, the High Sierra.  I couldn't find the pictures, darn!  Also, when he visited us in Coos Bay and had Grits for the first time, I took some good pictures, but can't find them either.  Missing a lot more, but found these.  I'd be happy to post anyone pictures you might have of Craig.  Please send them to me.  I ran into a lot of other interesting ones while looking, but this one is for Craig only.  I won't try to do captions, would take a lot of time.  Craig will know where and who, and that's what's important.  Remember, you can click on them to enlarge them.

RRR with Rick (jest) and Tom P.

Brillo hanging out in back.  He was the only one standing up.

Craig came to visit, we hadn't even got totally moved in yet.  It was great to see him in Kingman.

He liked Oatman.  Wanted to take home a Burro. Don't know whether he wanted to eat it, or have it for a pet.................

The Burros liked him too...or, maybe they were just looking for a carrot

Inside the bar in the Oatman Hotel.  This is where Clark Gable and Carol Lombard spent their Honeymoon.  Interesting place, and almost all totally original as it was back in the 30's and 40's.

Peace, Brother

A new breed of burro

With Pat and I at the Hot Rod Cafe.

At the Hualapai Mountain Resort

Sunday Brunch at the resort. We had a floor show, a young Bull Elk trying to be friendly with some cows right outside the window...:-)

Inside  Mystic Munchies Cafe
karl is serving him up..or, doing something

Toa, Craig, Karl andTom

Toa in the nice shirt.  He came all the way from New Zealand to help celebrate Craig's birthday.

Forest Fire?   No, Craig s Cake

Toa, Craig, and Tom.  Beer Buddies

Blowing like the wind. That's Phylis Romo from Holbrook there in the left side.

Add caption

Barb Foree and the birthday boy

Craig is rather bashful

What a guy!

Group picture at the RRR in Kanab, UT.  One of the best rallies I've ever attended

Toa in his Burt Reynolds pose

I can name most of these people, but won't try, because I don't know them all.

For several, this was their first VROC rally.  Would be nice to have a repeat here in Kanab!

Think Craig will remember this one?
A few years later. The Utah chapter held a small rally back here in Kanab.  It was a lot of fun too.  This is Craig on the Rented BMW.  He's going on a ride here with some of the guys. This is the bike he had the accident on

With Lanny (Biglefti) and Tony D. All good friends.

Evening at the motel.  Lanny, Craig and Don (VSP

Tony D, Utemike and Craig.

Rib restaurant in Kanab.  Food was very good.  Looks like Craig did a pretty good job of cleaning up the bones

Craig with Malachi's son and his girlfriend.  Something Ain't right here!

Snuck this one in from the RRR. Scotty and Wiliedog.  One of my favorite pictures!  Thomas sure doesn't look like this now days!

The man of the hour

James Sieglaar and Craig.

Getting down a shot of WD40.  I think this was the year they both rode down for Arizona Bike Week.
Craig with Jack 4E.  This was taken in Mexico during one of your New Year's vroc trips down there.

This was the year several stayed in a nice resort.  The first year we all stayed in a motel that looked good on the outside, but wasn't all that great :-)

Don't know what he's doing on the floor

This was the year Pat and I hauled the 5th wheel down there and stayed on the beach next to this resort motel. 

Craig borrowed a guitar from a Mexican in the band.  After 3 or 4 of those Grande Margaritas, he did a fine job of entertaining us.

Rick Cox, Craig, Barb Foree, Teresa and Pat. The cheering section for the guys blowing up everything in sight with fire works

I'm doing this blog for Scott, and for others that would like to know him better. But, it's bring back some might fine memories for me too.

Reminds me of how much VROC has been a part of a lot of our lives for a long time

Craig and Slick (then Pug, later Snickers) were smoking stogies.  After us old folks called it a night the two of them went out on the town.

The famous Houston's in Kanab.  Mal and Yvette, Cat's back, Lanny, Craig doing some praising!
Rick Cox and Craig. A Mexican Breakfast

Rick, Jack, Pat, Teresa and Barb, Tony D. Rev and Carol, Craig and Slick (in the sarape) New Years Eve day.  At our motel. This was the first year we crossed the Border for the Celebration.

Rev (Jim) and Carol, Craig, and Slick (John)

Jack and I traded places

And we added Biglefti (Lanny)

Beach Walk

Downtown Puerto Penasco

Barb on the sea wall

Lunch time

Teresa and Craig, woofing down some tacos
Pat having a large Shrimp coctail, Craig having a Margarita coctail.

Street walkers

Craig and Pug (Snickers) (Slick) John. :-) burning up some stogies

Craig lighting up

No caption needed :-)

Tony D looking normal, the 'bobsy twins' looking cool

A "goofy barb" picture!  Maybe the best  in the blog!  Love it!

It was getting chilly, so the boys bought some Mexican clothes.  It wasn't long after this we got busted by 2 cops when Tony D drove up a One Way street the wrong way.  A $50 payoff got us on our way

Jack is the "Fireworks Wizard".  He about blew up a large beach motel. Security hollered at us a few times, but they only destroyed a few flower pots among other things :-)

Be still, my beating heart
Enjoying the beach

Nice sunny day

Nice tat!

Barb says, "they got that right".  We're inside a large beach night club, but this early in the day, it's pretty much deserted

Wall sitters

Since I'm only posting Craig pictures, i've left a lot of the activities out.  Needless to say, our 2 trips to Mexico were great!

Can't remember the year, but Craig's camera have improved a lot from then until now :-)

Terraces behind the bar I got a picture of Barb in the mens room.  She was checking out the unbelievable long urinal that was filled with ice cubes :-)

Back to the early evening

This is were Craig entertain us and all the other customers with his guitar playing
Just a few shooters of "top shelf" tequila

And "bite the lime"


This was inside where we had a wonderful Buffet the next morning

Seems like we ate a lot that weekend

Lets see..........which would be the Canadian, and which from Arizona...............

Not to be outdone, Barb just had to get wet

Children at play :-)

Not sure what Craig had in the huge knapsack.  Maybe lunch

Skipping rocks in a tide pool
Maybe a repeat, but it's worth another look anyway :-)

Check the gravel floor. This was a COLD outside bar and grill

Most of the people rode into Mexico.  No one had any problems.

Pat with our little Julie.  We smuggled her into Mexico. 

Getting ready to mount up

Craig looks like "Ricky Racer"

One of our dinner places

Craig and Jack Foree

Pat, Barb, John, Craig.  Can't remember whose hand. Tell me and I'll add you to the caption.

Waiting for the chow, and contemplating on all the fun they plan to have later on tonight :-)
This must have been a few years ago, I had more hair!

This was inside the Blue Marlin. Good place eat

I think Craig just bit a lime.

Back to the beach. Sorry these aren't in perfect order, but you get the idea

Loaded up with cameras, snacks, water, and who knows what all in those bags

The brave ones

Is the water cold out there?

Well known and highly busy night club, for the younger crowd

An "American Bar" we visited on the outskirts of town
Skid, Sandy, Craig.  I don't remember where this was taken, but it looks like a nice ride.

Craig and Utemike.  I think this may have been at D & D Cycle in Mesa

Mel put on quite a spread for us!

Small Arizona Brat Dog

From Arizona to the David Thompson Resort in Canada

Seema like all vroc rallies involve food. This may have been some of the Dave and Romy BBQ.  That was the first time anyone of us met Romy.  Now she and Dave are married and a big part of the West Coast VROC.  Even though they live in Canada :-)

Preston and Karen in Craigs Kitchen in Edmonton.  Lori, Craig's sister had just finished serving up a great breakfast. Craig is showing us pictures of New Zealand and African trips.

Ahh, did have one with Lori.  At her kitchen table.   We had a great visit with them.   This was the year we had the "well attended" vroc rally. Near Nordegg, in Alberta. The David Thompson Resort.

Mexico I think

Early arrivals at the first motel, the first year.  I don't seem to have pictures of the 2nd year, maybe Craig only made it the first time.  Don't remember for sure.
Do remember this!  Sort of "on the wrong side of the tracks" in downtown Phoenix.  Chicken and Waffles.  A very cool place!

Craig on his borrowed VN800 that then belonged to Jack 4E. This was the bike that our friend Karen traded for Jack's pristene EN500.

Craig has spent a lot of time and money to participate in vroc events

When here last Spring, Craig was sporting a nice full frame Digital SLR.  Hope it didn't get ruined in the crash...

Waiting for some more pictures.  Hope y'all enjoyed this as much as I did doing it.

Craig stopped to visit us last October.  Here he is on our Harley at one of my favorite places to eat,

We had wonderful Specialty Smoothies!  From here, Craig drove on to Las Vegas, Pat and I rode the Harley back to Kingman.